Since the global pandemic is continuing to impact almost everyone’s well-being, now’s a good time to evaluate what you can do to refresh your home. With just about everyone spending more time in their home nowadays, it may start to seem stifling. So here are three suggestions from Raven’s Rock Real Estate Services on areas you can tackle, ranging from simple upkeep to major overhauls, to make your home feel revived and healthy.

Daily Upkeep

Research shows that keeping your home clean is crucial for minimizing the bacteria, germs, mold, and dust that can adversely impact your health. As a pet owner, you’ll need to pay extra attention to ensure that your high-traffic areas are spick and span.

Begin by dusting with a microfiber cloth. Pet hair should then be vacuumed or whisked away with a lint roller. Next, move on to kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wiping them down with soap and hot water. Finally, disinfect contact zones by applying a solution of three teaspoons of bleach per one gallon of water to your counters, sinks, toilets, and tubs. Let the solution sit for five minutes, then rinse it off and let it air dry.

Deep Cleaning

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional housekeeping service, deep cleaning your home at least twice a year is recommended. Timing your top-to-bottom scrubbing to the spring and fall equinoxes can keep this project from being forgotten, but more frequent deep cleaning during the pandemic may be in order.

This can be a good time to inspect your furniture and tackle stubborn dirt or pet stains. Also, when was the last time you had your chimney cleaned? It isn’t just a matter of reducing fire hazards; a clean chimney also means cleaner indoor air. A pro can typically remove the buildup of debris in your chimney flue for just a couple hundred bucks. So jump online and use Angi to search for “chimney services near me,” where you can also check prices and reviews and make sure you’re getting a great deal.


For the ultimate way to refresh your home, consider switching out more than just your furniture. Replacing carpeting with hardwood, for example, can make it much harder for germs, mold, and allergens like dust and pet dander to hide in your flooring. Installing an upgraded HVAC system can regulate humidity levels, improve ventilation, and reduce airborne pollutants.

Plan updates that are health-focused and that can also add more value to your home should you put it on the market. Buyers often look for houses that will require little effort or expense to modernize. Just keep a record of what you’re upgrading by holding onto receipts and taking before-and-after photos so these can be referenced during a home inspection or to demonstrate value.

The continuation of the pandemic has many people focused on how they can promote wellness in their own homes. Cleaning regularly, as well as making smart replacements and upgrades, can help revive your house and keep it feeling fresh and healthy.

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